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Metal detecting enthusiasts from the Adiro...
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What is "The Detectory"?

What is "The Detectory"?
The Detectory is a website based around your Detecting Lifestyle, Connect with Friends or meet new Diggers, Document your finds in your own albums, Browse other members finds via Albums & Videos, Join the Q&A or visit the Old Fashioned Forum and much more.
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  • Chicken or Rice?

    Posted by GUnit 2016-05-22

    Here's the pics of the severely-crusted coin, and the two versions of what it could be. Which gets your vote?

  • How will Japan's Archaeological Asociation respond to GUnit?

    Posted by GUnit 2016-02-20

    I sent them an email offering to dig relics, for preservation and study, at no cost to them. Let's see what happens. I sent it late on Friday, so it will be a couple of days before anyone even reads it. I will keep you informed.

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November 10, 2015
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Wed, Nov. 11th, 2015...8:00 PM Eastern Time... BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND OPEN LINES What?!?!?!...That's right, Let's open the lines and see what the listeners have been up to. For some of us the weather is starting to turn but that doesn't mean that the hunt is over yet. We know you're all out th...

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