Top Tips and In-Depth Review on the Garrett Ace 400

If I had to choose between any of the Ace series metal detectors from Garrett I would absolutely go with the 400 model. I am still very glad I started on my Ace 250 when I first got into metal detecting but now that I know what I know, the Ace 400 is much easier to use as a beginner/intermediate level metal detectorist. This in-depth review is focused on identifying exactly what makes the Ace …

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Why the Garrett Ace 250 is Best for Beginners Review

The Garrett Ace 250 was my very first metal detector. When I first got into the sport I knew next to nothing about metal detecting. I quickly gathered up over 100 hours of use on it, getting used to how it worked and how to read it properly, I began to see why it’s the #1 rated best metal detector for beginners.

I got into metal detecting about a week before going on a trip …

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Why the Garrett Ace 300 is the Perfect Beginner to Intermediate Setup

The Garrett Ace 300 is a great unit to use when bridging between beginner and intermediate metal detecting. This is also a good kit for the beginner who is willing to take on a little bit more as get into the more advanced techniques at a faster pace. It definitely will require more practice than other models that are simpler.

It really is a steppingstone between beginner and intermediate for a few big reasons. The …

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Why So Many People Choose the Ace 200 from Garrett

 When I was a young beginner in the metal detecting world I had to do my fair share of research to find out which metal detector I would want to use. Since I didn’t know much at all I began looking for weeks and weeks it seemed to find what would be a good fit for me. I asked myself why so many people would choose the Ace 200 from Garrett when there were so …

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